So You’ve Graduated! What’s Next for You?

So You’ve Graduated… What’s Next for You?

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Graduating is a major milestone.

Congratulations on this achievement. So, what’s next for you after graduation? What does your future hold? Some students see graduation as a major goal, when in reality it is simply a stepping stone to other future life achievements. Part of the adventure is really figuring out who you are and what you value.

If you are job-hunting, the most important piece of advice is for you to develop a job-search strategy. You will not be successful just “winging it.”

Dealing with Success or Failure

And now back to your career. Just as first impressions are critical with job-hunting, your first days on the job are important in establishing a reputation for yourself with your boss and co-workers. And as time goes on, you’ll want to quickly prepare yourself for dealing with office politics, for dealing with good and bad bosses, and for marketing yourself within the organization. You should also consider finding a mentor within the company — and perhaps one outside the company.

Finally, remember that a job is only a job. You may succeed wildly, or you may have troubles. Enjoy the good times and try not and fret about the bad. All of us will change jobs and careers multiple times — and most of us will be fired/downsized/rightsized at least once in our lives.