Student Services

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Life-Line Med Training seeks to maintain an environment where students have the following rights:

• Students can freely exchange diverse ideas in an orderly manner inside and outside the classroom;

• Students can associate freely with other individuals, groups of individuals and organizations for purposes which do not infringe on the rights of others;

• Students can expect to participate fully in Life-Line Med Training’s community without discrimination as defined by federal and state law;

• Students can function in their daily activities without unreasonable concerns for personal safety, and in an environment that is conducive to educational activity;

• Students can expect discipline to be implemented through established procedures containing all elements of due process for the adjudication of charges, and the opportunity for continued school involvement (as appropriate) until the resolution of the charges;

• Student information is maintained confidential, free of unreasonable intrusions into information and/or matters relevant to identity and well being;

•Students have access to established procedures for respectfully lodging a grievance to Life-Line Med Training;

• Students have access to all faculty, staff, resources and supplemental educational holdings maintained on campus for the professional development of students and the learning process.

• Students study in a setting that is conducive to personal growth.

• Students have the right to expect responses from Life-Line Med Training’s academic and administrative departments.

• Students can expect academic and administrative policies that support intellectual exploration, learning, and growth.


Students are expected to attend all scheduled class meetings and to arrive on time. Students are expected to inform faculty in advance of any pending dates where a student may be absent. Excused and non-excused absenteeism is considered the same when computing maximum number of allowable days absent. Unsatisfactory attendance is when a student exceeds 5% of scheduled class time in absenteeism. If a student has unsatisfactory attendance they will be placed on probation until the following conditions are met:

• The student establishes satisfactory progress or, meets the conditions of probation.
• The student has corrected the problem that caused unsatisfactory attendance.
• The student has satisfactorily completed worked missed because of the absenteeism either by repeating the sessions missed or performing required work outlined by the instructor.

A student is terminated for unsatisfactory attendance if the student does not meet these conditions within 15 days.


Attendance and promptness reflect an individuals level of professionalism and work ethic. Since Life- Line Med Training trains students for careers, we believe our policies should reflect the work environment. Leaving one to two hours early is equal to one-half day absent. Over two hours early departure equals one full day absence. These absences are included in the 5% absence calculation. All class time missed in excess of fifteen minutes must be made up by the student in order to graduate.

Hours of Operation

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

School Hours:
Monday through Friday 9:00am – 10:30pm
Saturday 9:00am – 2:00pm

Classes Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 1:30 pm for morning sessions.
Monday-Friday 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm for evening sessions.

Note: All programming offered at the institution will not exceed 40 per week in any combination of didactic or clinical training. Students will attend only up to 8 hours of clinical activity where applicable. Otherwise, all theory and lab courses will be taught Monday through Friday for up to 5 hours per day and up to 25 hours per week.

Class Schedules

A student may enter the school at any time. The date of entrance and the frequency of attendance determine the date of completion. Students who wish to complete the program or courses sooner than scheduled may attend additional class sessions with prior notice to the instructor. The maximum completion time of any program is the number of weeks of instructional time times 1.5; for example, if the completion time of a program is 6 weeks in length, the maximum completion time is 6 x 1.5 = 9 weeks.

Please note that all programs are not offered in regular intervals. Programs offered are scheduled based on space availability and may be offered either in the morning or the evening. Please see attachment A for more program schedule details.

Student Records

Student records are maintained on the campus site permanently in a fire proof cabinet. Records of academic progress are furnished to students. One transcript is provided to students upon graduation and fulfillment of all tuition obligations. Additional transcripts are available to students upon written request and for a fee of $5.00. Student records will be provided to potential employers only after a written request has been made by students.

Make-Up Work

Students who have been absent from class for any reason or have been tardy are required to make up work missed from classes. The student is required to discuss make-up work opportunities with the instructor. Any externship hours that are missed must be made up. Excessive absenteeism from externship assignments without prior notice may result in termination from school. Hours of makeup work will not be accepted as hours of class attendance. Tests that are not taken as a result of an absent day(s) must be made up with in a time-frame established by the instructor. There is no additional charge for makeup work.