MCB110 – Medical Billing and Coding Externship

MCB109 – Medicaid and Medicare

MCB108 – Computerized Practice Management

MCB107 – Quality Assurance (Coding E/M)

MCB106 – Hospital Billing

MCB105 – Coding Specialties: Pathology and Medicine

MCB104 – Coding Specialties: Diagnostic Imaging

MCB103 – Coding Specialties: Surgical Services


MCB101 – ICD-9

MCB100 – CPT-4

MAS103 – Record Management and Informatics

MAS102 – Fundamentals of Medical Insurance

MAS101 – Medical Office Procedures

COM100 – Computer Application

MAT100 – Basic Math

HCS108 – Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology

CMA500 – Clinical Medical Assisting Externship – Clinical Rotation

CMA212 – Fundamentals of Clinical Medical Assisting II

CMA301 – Medical Billing and Coding Procedures

CMA210 – Fundamentals of Clinical Medical Assisting I

CMA201 – Principles of Pharmacology and Assisting with Medications

CMA200 – Medical Office Procedures

PCT400 – PCT Technician Certification Review

PCT500 – Patient Care Technician Externship Clinical Rotation

PCT202 – Patient Care Technician Procedures Theory and Lab

EKG201 – Principles of Electrocardiograph Theory and Lab

NAT400 – Nursing Assistant Externship Clinical Rotation

HHA200 – Basic Nursing and Home Health Care Lab Procedures

BMT1001 – Principles of Business and Professional Ethics

MTS1102 – Health and Hygiene

MTS1101 – Anatomy and Physiology for Massage

HHA103 – Nutrition

HCS100 – Health Science Core Fundamentals

PBY400 – Phlebotomy Technician Certification Review

MLT300 – Basic Principles of Urinalysis

PBY202 – Phlebotomy Skills Theory and Lab I/II

PBY100 – Structure and Function of the Circulatory System and Related Medical Terminology

HAE100 – HIV/AIDS Education

HCS100A – Health Care Occupational Development

Medical Billing and Coding

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